Curriculum we Follow

We view every child as capable and competent, and as such we strive to hold high expectations for every child’s learning. We recognise that children are active learners from birth, who construct knowledge and meaning through interactions and experiences, and therefore strive to ensure curriculum decisions enhance the most meaningful outcomes for children.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum values learning through play and is the foundation for building on children’s interests and development to create meaningful and engaging learning environments. Our curriculum supports each individual child’s sense of agency, valuing the importance of individual needs and their milestones. This is achieved through collaborative curriculum decision-making with families and is built upon the strengths of each other’s knowledge. 

Our Environment

Our environments are engaging and naturally inspire learning and development, while our professional Educators create intentional teaching moments that are appropriate and meaningful. The Children are the centre of our daily routine, as we encourage independence and self-help skills. These learning opportunities through out the day inspire the natural leadership within our children and build on the sense of community and responsibility within their centre community.
Here at EYA Thurgoona our curriculum supports indoor outdoor play which gives the children the opportunity through all ages to engage with either environment, having the choice to move freely between each environment. Having the continued opportunity for outdoor play provides the Children with great learning opportunities through the different physical environments. Our Educators role model the importance the weather has within our outdoor environment and how the children can continue to experience the outdoor learning environment.

The Preschool Curriculum

The preschool curriculum continues to scaffold on each child’s development, maintaining a holistic approach to our school readiness program. Our goal is to ensure that our preschool children have a strong foundation today to ensure they have the best possibilities tomorrow. Each child learns to feel confident within themselves and to be active learners. This is supported through learning through play, small group times, intentional teaching, role modelling and project work. The Children learn skills such as positive communication, teamwork, concentration, problem solving, confidence and independence which all go towards creating the strong foundation needed moving into their primary schooling. Our professional Educators provide interest-based learning experiences that scaffold their learning and continue to meet the learning outcomes and milestones out lined in the national framework.