About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy recognises that a solid foundation provided in the early years is essential to the future health, well-being and development of all children throughout their lives. This belief drives Early Years Academy’s mission of providing an inclusive approach to childcare that meets a child’s developmental needs. We combine a hands-on, stimulating curriculum with an engaging environment that naturally inspires learning and development in young children.

Our Team

At Early Years Academy Avalon we believe it is important to have qualified, friendly and passionate Educators caring for your child. Our Team work together to provide a safe, fun, stimulating and secure environment that gives all our families confidence in knowing that our children receive the highest standard of care and education. Training and education is one of our highest values and we strongly support our Educators in staying up to date with innovative ways to incorporate learning into our daily curriculum for the children.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum ensures a wide scope for learning, including Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Creative Arts, Health and Development. Alongside this, your child’s social well-being and their sense of belonging to their family, the centre and their wider community is embedded in the educational program. We promote the children’s ability to explore and investigate as they work closely with their peers and Educators. Our intentional teaching practices allow us to observe and document your child’s current development in each learning area, and plan experiences which extend their learning whilst promoting their sense of independence. We value and welcome your input to our program and encourage you to follow your child’s learning through our personalised app.

Our Food

Our cooks deliver a seasonal home cooked style menu, following the nutritional guidelines for children provided by the NSW department of Health. We provide fresh fruit, vegetables and a serve of protein each day. We also cater for allergies, intolerance and lifestyle preferences the children may have.

What We Provide

In addition to a nurturing environment and full educational curriculum we provide:

  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Drink cups for all ages
  • Nappies, bottles and formula (discuss your requirements with the team)
  • Cot sheets and linen
  • Sunscreen